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  • Health Benefits of Meditation

    This article was originally featured on Silatha.  Silatha, the award winning Meditation app supports busy mums in building a regular meditation r...
  • Return to exercise after having your baby

    Laura, Founder of Ottilie Active, Mum of two and Physiotherapist, shares her expert advice on how to return to exercise after giving birth. Don't forget Vitimum customers get 10% off all Ottilie Active products!
  • Spotlight on Vitimum - An interview with So Mummy

    This article originally featured on SoMummy.co.uk. So Mummy is a UK based blog by Victoria, which shares real Mum stories, as well as relia...
  • Healthy Eating in Pregnancy

    What can you eat when pregnant? How much should you be eating? What vitamins do you need?... these are the questions you tend to google once you discover your pregnant. Well don’t you worry, we spoke to NHS Midwife Pippa Morrish, and have the answers for you!
  • What to Pack in your Hospital Bag

    When to pack your hospital bag, and what to include in it? We give you our top tips on what to pack.
  • Social Dis-Dancing

    The social distancing policies that have been put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19, mean that most people will have to spend much, if not a...
  • Postpartum Hair-loss

    Postpartum Hair-loss What causes postpartum hair loss? Postpartum hair loss is usually due to big hormonal changes after giving birth. Lack of sl...
  • Breastfeeding: What can you eat, and what should you avoid?

    We spoke to the Vitimum Nutritionist, about how your diet can affect your breastmilk, and why, if any foods you should avoid.
  • Nutritional Supplements when Pregnant or Breastfeeding

    We asked our Nutritional Therapist about Supplements when Pregnant or Breastfeeding. What’s safe, and required?
  • Why am I always Hungry?

      Everyone knows that you tend to eat more when your pregnant, but why does this increased appetite continue into motherhood? This post exploded th...
  • Physical and Mental Wellness with Mumshape

    You never get your body back after pregnancy – you get a new body, an improved body. One that has created, nurtured and given life. But what if you don’t feel that way? What if you’re tired, in pain and not feeling very active? How can look after yourself and start to feel like “me” again? We spoke to Lisa Franke, Founder of MumShape – The wellbeing app for Mums, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, and heard her journey into motherhood, and how she is helping other Mothers take care of themselves. 
  • Cures for Morning Sickness and Nausea

        You find out your pregnant and you’re elated and excited… until the nausea and vomiting kicks in. Nausea and vomiting are one of the first sig...