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  • Building a Breastmilk Stash - How to Store & Defrost your Breastmilk

    Whether your building up a stash of breastmilk for a rainy day, or trying to stabilise your supply, or preparing to return to work - we have summarised the key tips to follow for safely storing, defrosting and using your expressed breastmilk.
  • Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy

    You’re pregnant – Yay. You’re morning sickness has finally subsided and your appetite is returning. But what can you eat? Don't worry Mama, we have done the google search for you, and summarised the main foods to avoid in pregnancy.
  • 4 Tips To Survive The Fourth Trimester

    We all know the pregnancy trimesters, First, Second, Third.. But what is the Fourth Trimester?  The fourth trimester is the transitional period between birth and 12 weeks postpartum. During this 12 week period, your baby is adjusting to the world, you are healing from pregnancy and birth, and adjusting to life one another. These are our four tips for surviving the fourth trimester. 

  • 3 Tips for Pregnancy Fashion

      Want to know what to wear when you are pregnant! Don't worry we got you covered Mama! We spoke to Katrina -  Designer, Mum and owner of Me &...
  • Exercising during pregnancy with Funmi Olatoye

    Wanting to exercise in Pregnancy? We Spoke to Funmi - Mum, Fitness Extraordinaire and Co-founder of Strong For Everyday Wellness Platform - about her top tips for exercising in pregnancy. Funmi's is a pre and postnatal personal trainer and fitness instructor.
  • Caesarean Birth with Victoria

    We spoke to Victoria, from SoMummy.com, about her recent Caesarean birth with her second son. Victoria shares her story and top tips, to help others who are preparing for a c-section. To find out more about Victoria, head to her website www.somummy.com or you can follow her on Instagram @Somummy


  • Chocolate Protein Slice

          Looking for a way to use those left over Easter Eggs..Look no further! This no bake Protein Slice protein slice is a super easy to make, as...
  • How to get your child to settle more quickly and sleep for longer – Awake Windows!

    We spoke to Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant, Karen Miller, about how the S word... that's right, SLEEP! 
  • Benefits of Pea Protein

    What are the Benefits of Pea Protein Powder Pea protein powder is a form of protein powder made by extracting protein from yellow peas. It i...
  • Best Smoothies for Each Trimester

    Vitimum founder, Verity, shares her favourite pregnancy smoothies for each trimester.  First Trimester Smoothie They say no pregnancy is the sam...
  • Breastfeeding Myths you should Ignore

    With pregnancy and motherhood comes a lot of unsolicited advice… it can be hard to filter what is true and what isn’t…We have gathered the 5 most ...
  • Stocking Fillers that Support Small Businesses

    We've put together a list of some great independent (and Mummy led) businesses, recommended by Vitimum Customers, which you can shop from this Ch...