Want to know what to wear when you are pregnant! Don't worry we got you covered Mama!

We spoke to Katrina -  Designer, Mum and owner of Me & Maeve Grace about her three top tips for pregnancy fashion. 

Me and Maeve Grace is an occasion wear brand for Mothers and Daughters that is sustainable, luxurious and ethically made. 

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1. Don’t shop for a whole new wardrobe or anything purely ‘maternity’

I made so many mistakes when shopping being pregnant for the first time. No matter what season it is, you can shop smartly and buy pieces that you can wear through pregnancy and beyond. I personally lived in dresses and loungewear and invested in some quality pieces that I could breastfeed in, and also wear comfortably after giving birth. Look out for button down dresses, wrap dresses or thoughtfully designed pieces such as our silk tie dress that has a functional front tie that is stylish but also practical.  


2. Invest in a few staple items from the beginning

There are some items that you just won’t be able to continue wearing as normal. These are jeans and leggings. A lot of people make the mistake of buying a lot of cheap items they hate, rather than investing in a few good quality pieces that they will love wearing. Pregnant with my second child, I found that my stomach grew a lot quicker and I was out of my normal clothes within 3 months so had 6 months of maternity wear, plus the time after that you will still have a belly. Shop around for a good pair of jeans (or two if you really love jeans) and some tights such as the Lulu Lemon HR Pant.


3. Comfort will override anything towards the end

No matter what I had in my wardrobe I was always picking outfits that I felt comfortable in. Something may look gorgeous, but as the months go on trust me you will be wanting to wear anything that wasn’t too tight, itchy or caused discomfort. Spend time finding clothing you feel good in. I also grew a love for Velcro shoes (veja in particular) as they are so much easier to get on and off than tied laces.


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