Mama, we know you need our down time, and how important selfcare is for Mothers and parents in general. Finding time for yourself as a Mum is hard. Prioritising yourself is even harder. We have created a list of 5 simple things you can incorporate into your dayin as little as 5 minutes, that won't only not break the budget, but will make you feel better afterwards. And no, hiding in the bathroom from your toddler doesn’t count as selfcare.


Self-Care mode: ON


Enjoy a Facemask

    I love facemasks. Not sure any of them really do that much, but I find it a great way to relax, feeling nice and clean and fresh afterwards. Looking for a super free or cheaper alternative? Dampen a hand cloth with water, roll it up and place it in the microwave for a few minutes. Place it on your face and relax for a moment. It’s like a mini spa at home.



      Don’t need to be a Yogi to enjoy a good stretch. Great for any Mother’s who still carry their children a lot or are breastfeeding. Clasp your arms together and stretch them in front and behind you.  Tilt you head slowly from one shoulder to another. Lift your shoulders up and then release them. Sit on the floor stretching your legs out and try to touch your toes.  Check out a quick and easy guide here on stretching.



        Put on your favourite tune and go sing and dance for 5 mins. Blast the music in some headphones, close the blinds or even better, let your neighbours see your funky moves. It is scientifically proven that dancing makes you happy - for reals. Don't believe it, try it for yourself. 


        Let your child watch some TV

          Now this one is a bit controversial… but there is evidence to show that certain TV shows and can be quite educational for children. Do your self a favour and don’t let yourself feel guilty for letting your child watch some TV so you can sit down for a minute, enjoy a beverage or just scroll on your phone.


          Have a Shower

            Yes, I know this is a hygiene necessity. But how often has it gone to late in the day and you haven't had a chance to shower yet? Don't worry no judgement, we all been there! Even if you have already showered that day, go have a quick shower, wash your face or be wild and even wash your hair. 

            If you have more than 5 mins, go for a bath. Even if you're not a bath person, and get bored after a few minutes, take the time to sit in the water in silence, reading a book, listening to music or a podcast. If you want to get fancy on a budget, add some baby oil or coconut oil to your bath, and enjoy some silky soft skin afterwards!