Best Pregnancy Smoothies

Smoothies are perfect for pregnancy, as they are an easy to get in lots of goodness. Particularly if you have been suffering from pregnancy nausea and may not have been eating well. 


Here are our 3 best Pregnancy Smoothies! Make sure you give them a try and share your experience by tagging us @viti_mum.

The nutritional information in each recipes is a guide. Nutritional data will vary depending on brand and amount used. For a full breakdown of Vitimum Original's Nutritional Data, please see here


Lemon Drop Smoothie 

This is the best smoothie for anyone suffering from morning sickness. The combination of honey and lemon are nice and gentle on your stomach. Bananas are easy to digest, high in potassium (which may be depleted if you are being physically ill). Bananas are also known to ease stomach pain and have a natural antacid effect and can relieve symptoms such as indigestion (ref)

 Lemon Drop Smoothie


Super Green Smoothie

Morning sickness (Pregnancy Nausea) affects approx. 70-80% of pregnant women (ref). When you're suffering from morning sickness, it can be very difficult to eat a well balanced diet -  you'll often find yourself opting for very plain food, like white bread, crackers or potatoes. This Super Green Smoothie is a perfect way to get those much needed greens into your diet. Our tip - try sipping on the smoothie throughout the day. 


Best Pregnancy Smoothie

Salted Caramel Smoothie

Waiting for baby to arrive..? Why not treat yourself to this smoothie. Studies have proven that Dates can help ripen the cervix in preparation for labour (ref). 

Dates to Induce Labour