Best Pregnancy Smoothie | Protein smoothies for pregnancy

Vitimum founder, Verity, shares her favourite pregnancy smoothies for each trimester. 

First Trimester Smoothie

They say no pregnancy is the same, which I can now confirm! I thought I had sickness in my first pregnancy, turns out it was just a warm up for the second pregnancy! 
I really struggled with nausea, which lasted up until about 14 weeks, and then made an unfortunate return at the beginning of the third trimester... 
As I had trouble stomaching food, I found sipping on a smoothie through-out the morning helped settle my stomach and made me ready to eat come lunch time.
First Trimester Smoothie

Second Trimester Smoothie

As the nausea (slowly) subsided, I was able to eat a more varied diet, but in all honestly all I wanted was plain carbs..... hello white bread and potatoes! 
As I'm normally pretty big on salads, I did feel pretty guilty on not eating my "greens" so I found this smoothie really helped! Especially as it doesn't taste like a "green smoothie"! 
Green Pregnancy Smoothie 

Third Trimester Smoothie

The third trimester was probably my favourite, probably because I knew I was on the count down to meet my baby! 
In order to prep for the big day, I started eating my daily dates! See our blog post here about eating dates in preparation for labour. I'm normally a fan of dates, but a few days in and I was already not enjoying them anymore!
I found this smoothie as a great way to eat them - as well as get all the other essential prenatal vitimum goodness! 
Third Trimester Smoothie | Labour Smoothie


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