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We Spoke to Funmi - Mum, Fitness Extraordinaire and Co-founder of Strong For Everyday Wellness Platform - about her top tips for exercising in pregnancy. Funmi's pregnancy and postnatal journey is what led her to become a pre and postnatal personal trainer and fitness instructor. Her mission with Strong For Everyday is to empower mums to feel their best physically and mentally.

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1. Make resistance training part of your weekly schedule

This can be in the form of weight lifting, Pilates or bodyweight training but it’s important to keep your changing body strong to include resistance training at least twice a week. There are many great workouts online tailored to pregnancy that can help guide you through these.


2. Move in a way that feels good for you!

It’s recommended that you move 150 minutes a week. Do you like dancing? Then find a prenatal dance workout that is fun! Do you need to do gardening or cleaning? These too count as movement! Want to get outside? Walking is a great way to move (and get some fresh air), especially if you already have a toddler who needs to burn off some energy.

3. Consult a qualified personal trainer

If you want to exercise regularly, safely and with a plan, then get in touch with a personal trainer who specialises in working with pregnant women. They can guide you through your pregnancy, show you how to move safely and create a plan to follow week by week.


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