You never get your body back after pregnancy – you get a new body, an improved body. One that has created, nurtured and given life. But what if you don’t feel that way? What if you’re tired, in pain and not feeling very active? How can look after yourself and start to feel like “me” again? We spoke to Lisa Franke, Founder of MumShape – The wellbeing app for Mums, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, and heard her journey into motherhood, and how she is helping other Mothers take care of themselves. 



I don't know how many of the Mums reading this planned their pregnancies, but I did not. I had just moved to London after three very exciting and active years in San Francisco. I've spent my time running along the water, biking, and trying every fitness class offered in the city. Until I received a job offer from London, which prompted my decision to move across the pond for my career as an interior designer. I was excited about this new adventure and was ready to take on London and everything it had in store for me.

Little did I know...

Life happened with all it's unpredictable twists and turns and here I am, two years later with a child, a dog, and a house complete with a garden.

My pregnancy was very stressful. It was not just the long commute to and from work every day but also the high performance environment at work including deadlines and traveling combined with crazy hormones, getting to know the father of my child, and coming to terms with the fact that I was going to have a baby and had to get ready for this huge life-changing experience.

Of course, life didn't slow down when my daughter Mila was born. I learnt to deal with many sleepless nights, sore nipples, back pain, and Mila's first fever. That's when I started wondering: What about me? What about my emotional and physical well-being? How do others manage to wake up every morning motivated to be the best possible and most loving mama to their little ones?

80% of women are affected by pregnancy-related back pain or other conditions, which can leave long lasting impacts on their bodies, 40% of Mums gain more weight than the recommended 15kg and 35% have problem keeping a healthy diet.

Mums don’t only experience the visible changes in their baby body; many face mental challenges such as constant exhaustion, difficulty bonding with their baby, and overwhelming anxiety. Up to 30% of Mums suffer from postnatal depression.

I had always lived a pretty well-balanced life. I was active, took care of myself and in return, felt at ease and could handle difficult situations more easily. After becoming a mum and going through quite a lot of changes, I needed a let-out for all these emotions. I needed to free my mind and become myself again. Out of my need for physical activities, community and support, I founded MumShape - A wellbeing platform for Mums – supporting women on their physical and mental health journey throughout pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Our platform connects Mums with local prenatal and postnatal fitness classes and health experts. We also offer online consultation services with dietitians, physiotherapists and psychologists.

According to The UK Chief Medical Officers Recommendations, 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity is recommended every week. Fitness, wellness, and community are known to be the foundation for a healthy mind and body after giving birth. MumShape is driven by the positive effects of a regular workout routine.

MumShape’s goal is to offer support to all Mums throughout the journey of motherhood and accompany them through this life-changing experience.