What is protein and why do I need it?

PROTEIN ... no it’s not just for body builders! 💪🏽 Proteins are found in every cell of the body, making up skin, muscles, hair, fingernails and all other tissues. They provide structure to cells and help them function properly, as well as helping cells repair themselves (ref).

Your need for protein increases when pregnant, a healthy intake needed to support the many marvellous changes your body is going through. When pregnant, the protein you eat helps your baby grow normally while contributing to other important areas of their development, including

  • Growth and repair of new and damaged tissues
  • Making antibodies for their immune system
  • Making hormones and enzymes
  • Helping muscles function properly
  • Transporting oxygen through their blood (ref)

While we may have the best intentions to have a wholesome balanced diet, there are often barriers during pregnancy, such as morning sickness, heartburn, sensitivities to certain tastes or smells, in addition to tiredness, that mean we don’t make the best food choices. 

These challenges often continue after you give birth. It might be that you’re unable to move around as easily after a Cesarean, or perhaps lack time to make proper meals, and crave sugar due to lack of sleep and increased energy requirements - often caused by breastfeeding.

Due to the energy expelled in milk production, nursing mothers need double the amount of protein, of non-nursing, non-pregnant women. Protein also aids in maximising breastmilk production and improves infant growth and development (ref).

Can I drink Protein Shakes when I am pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Protein shakes and smoothies can become your saviour in pregnancy, and as a busy mother. They’re easy to prepare, and can be mixed with your favourite fruits and flavours. 

Vitimum Original has 16 grams of protein per serving - Perfect for new and busy mothers. Made in the U.K., Gluten Free, Dairy Free and with natural sweeteners.

Enjoy a delicious and nutritious drink, knowing that you’re taking care of yourself, so you can take care of others! 💖