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Spotlight on Vitimum - An interview with So Mummy

Spotlight on Vitimum - An interview with So Mummy

SPOTLIGHT ON Vitimum Powder

This article originally featured on So Mummy is a UK based blog by Victoria, which shares real Mum stories, as well as reliable evidence based advice/information. 

"I first saw Vitimum powder mentioned in Women’s Health Magazine while I was pregnant and doing a quick google search found it was also featured by British Vogue. Reading more, I was keen to try the powder which is high in protein and contains all the recommended minerals and nutrients pregnant women should be taking. I also loved that Vitimum was founded by a real mum and developed alongside a nutritionist. I placed an order the same day.

When I tried the powder I was really impressed by its flavour and how easy it was to combine into my diet. I also LOVE that this product is designed to help women get optimal nutrition and is marketed as such - not as a weight loss product. I’ve come across a number of powders marketed at new mums which suggest their main goal should be weight loss or “bouncing back” rather than recovery and optimal health.
As I’m enjoying this product so much myself I was keen to share it with you all. I got in touch with Verity, founder of Vitimum, and she has generously given up her time to answer my questions and tell us more."

- Victoria, So Mummy 


Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what inspired you to found Vitimum 

 I’m Verity, the founder of Vitimum. I’m originally from Sydney, Australia, but have been in London for the past 5-6 years. Having been born and raised in Sydney, I moved to London as I was after a bit of a scene change. Before you know it, I fell in love, got married and was pregnant with our first child a few months after our wedding. Our daughter is now turning two, and I’m pleased to say I’m expecting our second child in Jan 2020.

 I always find I have to keep myself busy, and wanted a little project to have on my maternity leave with my daughter. In the lead up to my daughter being born, I was researching to see what recovery drink you have post birth. I mean, they have so many recovery drinks for sports, so I figured there must be some special postpartum drink to help women in their postnatal recovery. Right?!....But I couldn’t find anything.

 Then after my daughter was born, having entered the new world of Motherhood, I felt quite shocked that very little attention is paid to postpartum recovery. I kept thinking about this, as well as reflecting to how much I hated taking my prenatal vitamins, as they made me feel so sick. Joining these two elements together, led me to develop the idea of Vitimum Original; a vitamin and protein drink for pregnancy and new mothers.


What makes Vitimum unique?               

I created Vitimum as there was a gap in the market. Yes, there are protein powders and prenatal vitamins, but there was no special beverage (or protein powder) specifically designed for pregnancy or new mothers.

 As someone who really struggled to look after myself and eat well as a new mum, I developed something that was quick and easy for busy mums to make sure they can get the nutrients they need.

Vitimum Original is the only known product on the market that combines prenatal and postnatal vitamins with protein powder, which is also gluten free, dairy free and suitable for breastfeeding.  It is also a great alternative to the traditional prenatal supplements, which can be hard to stomach in pregnancy.


Nutrition is so important in pregnancy and the postnatal period but time is such a premium - can a Vitimum smoothie be a substitute for a meal? 

 Vitimum Original has been designed as more of a booster, it has not been designed as a meal replacement or substitute. As it is designed to be used in smoothies, many of our customers make filling breakfast smoothies, or drink it as an afternoon booster, to give them that extra fuel for the day - which is great if pregnancy has you feeling extra hungry or breastfeeding has you famished.


What’s your favourite recipe using Vitimum powder? 

 I go through stages....I’m currently pregnant with my second and craving sweets. So Salted Caramel (which is just a banana and dates) or something chocolaty (banana and a spoon of hazelnut spread).

 Pre-pregnancy, I always loved a berry smoothie bowl, or Pina-colada Smoothie (Pineapple and coconut milk). 


Are there any people who Vitimum isn’t a safe option for? 

 As there is Omega 3 in Vitimum Original, it isn’t suitable for anyone with fish allergies. If anyone has specific health or dietary requirements, they should always consult their GP. 


When creating Vitimum what did you want to achieve. Were there particular ingredients you didn’t want to compromise on? 

I wanted to make it gluten free and dairy free, as I have allergies myself and I know how dairy can also pass through breastmilk, which may not be suitable for all. When developing the product, I worked closely with a Nutritionist to make sure we included all the key vitamins women need in pregnancy and in the postpartum period.

 I chose a trusted UK supplier as our manufacturer, so we knew all the ingredients were of the highest quality.


How long after birth can we drink Vitimum? 

For as long as you want. It is full of good stuff, so there is no specific time limit! It’s actually great for busy mums on the go, who haven’t had a chance to have a proper breakfast – for instance, if they are rushing to do the nursery/school run.


Is there a limit to how much Vitimum you should consume in a day? 

It is designed for daily consumption, so you only need one per day.


Is it danger to drink a Vitimum smoothie and take my usual pregnancy vitamin? 

If you are drinking Vitimum Original, you don’t need to take a prenatal vitamin that same day as well. They contain very similar vitamins, so you would be double dosing essentially.


As a mum who also founded an amazing business do you have any tips for other mums trying to find a work/life balance?

 Firstly, thank you for the compliment. I would say:

  • Find your own balance, do what works for you and your family. What works for one person, won’t work for the next, so don’t try and squeeze into their mould.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others – Comparisons are not very healthy or productive. You never know the full story and everyone’s journey is meant to be different.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – this one is probably the hardest. Mothers are constantly putting too much pressure on themselves, causing them to feel guilty for not “doing it all”.



Organic Ingredients

No hidden nasties.

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Plant Based protein powder…that’s gluten free.

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