Written by Victoria Wood- mumpreneur & founder of People Magnet Marketing

Can you start a business when you have a baby?


Lots of mums take the plunge to start a business whilst on maternity leave. I started People Magnet Marketing with a newborn and so did Verity from Vitimum

Building a successful business as a mumpreneur is within your reach and can most definitely be done. 

Will it be easy? No!

Stepping into the world of entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted. Throw a baby into the mix and the complexities reach a whole new level. 

But, don’t let that deter you from running a business with a newborn mama. 

Whether you're working a 9-5 or your own boss, life as a new mum is no easy task. So why let that stop you from chasing your dreams?

Many women build their own business so that they can have the flexibility to work from home and look after their little ones. 

Why not you? 

Don’t let self-doubt creep in. Instead, allow yourself permission to believe that it can be achieved and give it a try. 

After all, what’s the worst that can happen? 

You’ll learn new skills and gain valuable lessons that can be transferred to a job if needed later down the line. 

Ready to take that leap of faith? Here are 5 hacks to help you build a business with a newborn.


1) Work around naps 

When mentioning to a fellow mum that I planned to work on my business during nap time I was shocked by her reply - ‘yeah good luck with that one’. A little support and encouragement wouldn’t have gone a miss. I get it! Not all babies have a consistent nap time or duration. That applies to my daughter too. So how do you get work done with a newborn or little one when their sleep can be so unpredictable? 

  • Invest in a quality carrier/sling if your baby prefers contact napping. I built my website from scratch and wrote the copy whilst my daughter slept on me. The Ergo baby sling is my personal favourite. Comfortable for you to wear and snug for them to catch some zzz’s. 
  • Always have your phone to hand. This was a life saver when I was trying to get my daughter to settle. Holding her close with one arm, phone in the other, I’d use the time to write content on a notes app, do research, write emails/social media posts or plan for the following day. 

2) Food prep

With endless distractions, it goes without saying that as a new mum, hours can go by before you realise that you haven’t eaten. But, running around after a baby and building a business will require you to maintain your energy levels. A little forward planning and organisation will help you to avoid that afternoon dip and stay focussed. 

  • Prepare lunch in the morning so that you have something ready and waiting for you to eat when you get a chance. 
  • Fill your nappy changing  bag with snacks for when you're out on the go. 
  • Blitz up a nutritious smoothie as an easy meal option that you can have whilst making calls or working on your laptop. 


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3) Find a parents networking group 

It’s inevitable that there will be days when you’ll want to throw in the towel. Building your business will seem like an uphill struggle. During these times, how great would it be to have a supportive network of parents who can relate to your challenges? Seek out a networking group near you or find one online. I’ve found parenting networking groups fantastic for:

  • Trading services when working on a tight budget. 
  • Getting referrals.
  • Sharing knowledge and insight.

4) Keep learning 

You might think that in order to run a successful business you have to know it all. Honestly mama, that’s not the case. I am yet to meet an entrepreneur who is an expert in all areas of their business. I certainly don’t claim to be, but I’m willing to learn. Understandably, as a new mum your time is limited, but it’s likely that there are pockets throughout your day where you can learn on the go. 

  • Listen to audio books or webinars when you’re out walking with your baby or driving in the car.
  • Watch YouTube videos when you’re feeding your baby or rocking them to sleep. 
  • Tune into a podcast whilst playing, cleaning or cooking. 


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5) Leverage automation

Setting up a process once and not having to think about it for a while will free up your mental capacity and save you heaps of time. From scheduling social media, booking a client call, taking online payments, lead generation and sales conversion, there are numerous tasks that you can automate. Here are just a few of things that I automate within my business:

  • Welcome sequence - When a subscriber opts-in to my email list, they automatically receive an email to welcome them. 
  • Schedule newsletters - Batch writing newsletters and scheduling them delivers content to my audience consistently. 
  • Sales sequence - When someone shows an interest in my service, they receive an automated series of emails showcasing how my offering adds value along with a call to action.

Starting a business with a newborn feels possible now, right? Building your own venture as a stay at home mum can totally become your reality. So, what business are you going to create? Go for it mama and when set up your social media account give us a follow. We’ll be cheering you on every step of the way. 


Author bio


As a fellow mumpreneur Victoria is the founder of People Magnet Marketing. Her passion is supporting solopreneurs and small business owners to grow their business and reduce overwhelm as a Marketing Virtual Assistant. To connect with follow her new Instagram account or drop her a message hello@peoplemagnetmarketing.co.uk