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Pancakes & Protein Balls

Best Protein | Protein Powder for Breastfeeding
Try some of the best high protein pancakes and no-bake protein balls recipes. 

Vitimum Original protein powder is dairy free, gluten free and breastfeeding friendly. 

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The nutritional information in each recipes is a guide. Nutritional data will vary depending on brand and amount used. For a full breakdown of Vitimum Original's Nutritional Data, please see here

Cooking at high temperatures with Vitimum Original may reduce the vitamin levels, but should not affect the protein levels. So it remains a great way to add some extra protein to your snacks! 

Protein Packed Pancakes

Why add protein powder to pancakes? Same reason you would add it to anything else! Protein replenishes your energy stores, keeping you fuller for longer, which helps you make healthier food choices throughout the day.  

protein pancakes

Date & Coconut Balls 

These Date and Coconut balls will add a little tropical delight to your day. Best kept in the freezer, and can be enjoyed anytime of day. Fun fact - Dates are a great pre-labour snack, as they help dilate the cervix, so perfect for any expecting mummy!

No bake protein balls | pregnancy protein


Oat Protein Balls

These are a no bake, oat protein balls.
Perfect afternoon pick me up for a sensitive tummy, or a busy mummy! Fun fact, for breastfeeding Mummas - Oats are a galactagoue, so can help increase milk supply
No Bake Energy Balls | Protein Balls

Chocolate Protein Balls

These chocolate protein balls are the perfect treat! These no bake protein balls are low calorie treat that will settle those sweet tooth cravings! 


Chocolate Protein Balls | No bake protein balls  

Apricot Delights 

Apricots are rich in iron and fibre, so great for pregnancy, as your iron stores can get depleted. 
No Bake Protein Balls | Energy Balls

Hazelnut & Almond

Perfect little feel good guilt free version of a truffle. Enjoy with tea, coffee, or to settle a sweet craving! 

Hazelnut & Almond

Cinnamon Protein Balls 

These tasty cinnamon protein balls are super easy to make, dairy free, gluten free and high in protein. Perfect afternoon snack or pick me up! 

No Bake Protein Balls | Energy Balls



Dark Chocolate Protein Balls

These dark chocolate protein balls use cocoa to add a nice rich flavour. And the surprise ingredient is.... prunes! Yes! So they're nice and high in fibre too! That makes these protein balls perfect for pregnancy or breastfeeding mums.


Dark Chocolate Protein Balls | Protein Balls


Carrot Cake Protein Balls

Have your cake and eat it! Our Vitimum Carrot Cake protein balls are so tasty! Using dates, they're high in fibre and have all the Vitimum goodness.  

Carrot Cake Protein Balls

Organic Ingredients

No hidden nasties.

100% Vegan

Plant Based protein powder…that’s gluten free.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Friendly

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